SDPP7 - Stopdrop Tooling Pin Punches for 'Working At Height'
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SDPP7 - Stopdrop Tooling Pin Punches for 'Working At Height'

01 Sep 2015
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Stopdrop Tooling Imperial Pin Punches for ‘Working At Height’


Stopdrop Tooling Imperial Pin Punches feature Stopdrop swivel attachment points for ‘Working At Height’. The range includes: SDSO103 - 3/32”, SDSO104 - 1/8”, SDSO105 - 5/32”, SDSO106 - 3/16”, SDSO107 - 7/32”, SDSO108 - 1/4”, SDSO110 - 5/16” and are available individually or in a 7 Piece Set. Each Pin Punch is stamped with Stopdrop branding, Part Number and Imperial Size making it easier to identify the correct sized Punch for the job. 


Shown above is a 7/32" Pin Punch with SDWSCOM1 - Wrist Strap Lanyard Complete 500MM. The lanyard features a locking screwgate carabineer, hi vis webbing and adjustable wrist strap. For our full range of lanyards click here.


Pin Punches are used to remove metal pins from holes and are usually struck by a hammer. We recommend using a SDSOP5 - Stopdrop Tooling Punch / Chisel Holder and a SDPB2414 - 24oz Stopdrop Tooling Ball Pein Hammer with Stopdrop Tooling Pin Punches. All of our tools for 'Working At Height' are colour coded and laser engraved with your choice of identifier. This helps to denote purpose, prevent the migration of tools and reduce pilfering.

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